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Conor McGregor

August 26, 2017

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Fast Drive

February 2, 2017

This project is my first webGL and Three.js realization that I made during a 4 days workshop about WebGL at Gobelins. Environnements, sky and movements are only made with custom shaders and Three.js shaders.


Lush Intranet

June 10, 2016

Internal project realized for the company Lush during my internship at Braaxe, a digital agency.
I decided to develop this intranet under Symfony3 to better meet the expectations of the client on problematics such as timelines, messaging and file sharing via dashboard and mailing lists.

Ludovic bouvinet project illustration

Big watcher

April 15, 2016

This app was developed under Ionic 2 with Angular JS during my last semester in MMI DUT. The principle of the app was to be able to track down people from your work group while they were suposed to work to be sure that the external tasks were made on schedule.

Ludovic bouvinet project illustration

No Sheet Paper

May 20, 2016

This project is the one which clotured my MMI DUT. With my group, we developed an online participative journal under the Symphony framework. This journal allowed users to chose a theme and fill in its gaps with the content of their article to create a news linked to our campus for our UPEM classmates.


DIY Music

March 10, 2017

Website made in one evening to present articles linked to music instruments made by makers. I wanted to play with the sound to stay in the thematic while staying faithful to the designers mockups.
Solely made with the elements of the DOM and with the web audio api.


Beautiful Reality

April 14, 2017

Project made during a workshop at Gobelins. I wanted to illustrate our current society at the rhythm of a music. To do so, I used pixi to design my scene, then the web audio api to clear out data of the music and some custom shaders to make the images of my scene evolve depending on my data.



February 2, 2017

I realize a 2D fluid that can move with gravity in a scene to make some elements appear. In this test I only use Matter.js to play with gravity and SVG that I transform in object to limit propagation of my liquid. My liquid is made by shaders.

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